I inherited my love of the drive from my father, a true wanderer at heart, for whom traveling is a map, and mostly using your instincts and curiosity as to where to go... no GPS. 

Traveling is spreading out a map, turning it over and spinning it around until it is right side up and saying, ‘OK so here we are,' pointing to Cincinnati with the tip of a pen and tracing the pen along the route of the trip to the destination ‘and this is where we are headed.’  Traveling is reading maps and seeing what there is to be seen beyond the dashboard and the road in front of your car.

open road.jpg

It is a map I grab first when I am ready for a trip. The Ohio Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme is my favorite. 87 pages of detailed maps; every little town, intersection, tertiary road and point of interest can be found on these pages. This is how you find the best back roads, the covered bridges, roads that follow small streams and tiny towns that have a wealth of stories to be told; if you just take the time to find them and stop for awhile. I have DeLorme maps for many states.

But perhaps the best way to travel is to point your car in the general direction and go. Let your wanderlust take over and explore the side roads. Get lost and don't worry about it. Just go. Someone will give you an idea of where you are at the coffee shop or check your map. Just be ready to see a new road or town that tugs at your inquisitive side and surrender. Happy travels my friends!


"Jennifer's photos have the ability to transport me to another place and/or time. They evoke memories of days gone by or simply make me happy!" Maria Zampini